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Preface to YAGIP

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I compiled a list of interview prep resources in Fall of 2018. That was a pre-cursor to my interview preparation. Now, after I am somewhat done with this, I decided to write down this note to document how I prepared.

I have interviewed with some big names before, but everything did not go as planned at those on-site interviews. This time I realized, I need to change my approach.

I read some interview prep guides and looked at some wonderful resources and made a plan. A fundamental change I made is that I realized, preparing for interviews is not the same as studying for algorithms courses. In addition, I did not interview with just one company at once. After I started preparing, I started scheduling interviews. Nailed most of it, but not all of them.

In my honest opinion, there is no point in writing yet another guide to interview preparation (abbr. YAGIP); but I am scribing it down, mostly for my own record. If it turns out to be helpful to someone else, then that is a plus.